'Safely Learning Together' Pact

Safe learning

We will meet again for a classroom course. Of course we would like to do this in a safe and healthy way.

It is therefore important that everyone who is present during our courses makes an effort and feels responsible for complying with the applicable measures so that we can learn effectively in the most comfortable conditions possible.

We will soon meet again for a classroom course. Of course we would like to do this in a safe and healthy way. That is why it is important that everyone present at our training courses is committed and responsible for ensuring 'social distancing' and hygiene, in order to learn in the most comfortable way possible.

Therefore, we have developed a 'Safely Learning Together' pact, following the guidelines of the National Safety Council, Sciensano (research and guidance centre for Belgian public health) and our sector's standards (Federgon). 

With this 'Safely Learning Together' pact we strive, together with you, for a safe and responsible organisation of our training courses. 

This applies both to classroom courses at an external training location as to our Incompany training courses organised at our customers' premises.

It is important that you read the hygiene and safety instructions below beforehand. As participating in the training means that you agree to comply with them.

Should you, as a participant, feel unsafe at any time or if you have any questions, please know that we will gladly assist you in all transparency.
Our Covid-coordinator is always there for you to listen and talk about your fears and feelings, if there should be any. 

When organising our in-person training courses, we follow the current regulations applied by the competent authorities as regards mandatory face coverings and the Covid Safe Ticket. Local measures may apply depending on the catering facilities at the site. Please bear in mind that you may be asked to show your Covid Safe Ticket.

 It is obvious that these instructions may change if the official guidelines change.

When to stay at home?

Do you have specific symptoms or do you feel sick? Please stay at home.
Report this as soon as possible to our customer service department contact@ncoi.be. This applies to our trainers, clients, reception staff and other employees working at the training location.

Anyone who falls ill during training must go home and get in touch with the treating physician.

Final responsibility for whether or not to attend or participate in training remains with the individual person. If there is any doubt about the risk or symptoms, consult your general physician first. Any medical disability can only be assessed by a competent person, the decision itself for the training (organisation) remains the responsibility of the person concerned.

You are free to contact us and inform us of any positive Corona test during or immediately after the training. However, we will only comply with the official request to provide the necessary contact information (first name, last name, telephone number) to the competent authority. We may not play an active role in contact tracing or the communication process to other participants and teachers. You can find more information about in our privacy policy.

Which guidelines apply during the training?

•    The applicable rules on mandatory face coverings and the Covid Safe Ticket should be observed. 
•    The attendance lists will be kept up to date as part of the contact tracing process.
•    All those present at the training course shall above all use their common sense and have an explicit personal responsibility to abide by the instructions, this pact and the general measures of the government. 
•   The trainer is not responsible for enforcing the measures in this pact.

What can you do to protect your health and that of others?

  • Please do not enter the training room more than 10 minutes before the start of the training and do not stay in the training room any longer than necessary after the training.
  • We provide sufficient disinfectant hand gel, paper towels and, if necessary, cleaning equipment in the training room. Wash or disinfect your hands when you come in and make sure you do this regularly.
  • Please abide by the applicable rules on mandatory face coverings and the Covid Safe Ticket.
  • The basic rules also apply during training. Do not shake hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues which should be thrown away immediately after use.

If local or regional/provincial rules reinforce the agreements above with an additional obligation or advice, we expect everyone to follow these additional rules in the training context as well.

What is the role of the training venue?

We have made extensive arrangements with our training venues to ensure that:

  • There is clear communication about the routes to be followed at the venue and the guidelines to be followed when using the accommodation (mandatory face covering and Covid Safe Ticket).
  • There is proper ventilation in the building and premises, preferably through open windows and doors where possible or a recognised compliant alternative.
  • There are strict safety and hygiene rules for the use of coffee and tea facilities, lunch options and other catering-related requirements (hand contact points).
  • Accommodation staff (reception, accompanying staff for catering, ...) is aware of the guidelines and takes additional measures such as wearing a mouth mask, washing hands frequently and thoroughly and, if necessary, wearing gloves. We also ask them to be alert to the enforcement of these rules by (all) visitors to the venue.

Would you like to stay informed of these measures?Then visit:

Contact point

As a teacher or training partner you can always contact our project assistants via team@ncoi.be.

As a customer our customer service will be glad to help you via contact@ncoi.be or +32 15 79 16 30.

Covid complaints and confidential information or questions can always be addressed to our Covid-coordinator Greetje Schoenmaekers via contact@ncoi.