About M&D Seminars

Legal seminars and webinars

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About M&D Seminars

M&D Seminars offers training courses in the legal and legal-tax fields. 
Yearly, M&D Seminars offers more than 120 trainings for which over 5.000 participants register. M&D Seminars was founded in 1990 and was incorporated in 2013 by Kluwer Opleidingen NV, which has been under the flag of NCOI Learning since 2020 as a part of the Salta Group. Making us one of the most renowned private educational groups in the Benelux.  

Target audience

The courses are intended for participants with a proper prior knowledge. 
Free professions (lawyers, notaries, auditors and tax consultants), magistrates, accountants, financial and HR managers are among our participants. Depending on the subject, some presentations are only intended for lawyers. This will be explicitly mentioned in the programme.

Training with a legal approach

Topics always have a legal basis. Thus, a training course may have a clear link with a legal branch (e.g. company law or social law), but in some courses a topic is subjected to a civil law, a company law and a tax assessment.