What’s a webinar?
How does it work?
How can I pay for my chosen webinar?
I am attending my very first webinar. What is the best way to prepare?
When is my registration to the webinar final?
Which training subsidies can be used?
What are the benefits of a webinar?
What is required to attend a webinar?
Which device and system requirements are needed?
What are the requirements to obtain a certificate of permanent training?
I'm unable to attend live. Can I watch the webinar at another time?
Some webinars could be eligible for certificates of attendance and/or permanent training points. Is this true?
I didn't receive my certificate. What should I do?
I am not receiving e-mails. What now?
Do webinars run in all browsers?
Where can I find the documentation of my webinar?
How can I ask questions to the speaker during the webinar?
Can I attend a webinar with multiple colleagues?
I am having problems logging in, who should I contact?
My image and sound are faltering or stopping. How can I solve this?
I can hear an echo. Is it normal?
I am experiencing problems watching over an office network (secure network). What now?
Can I download a live webinar with recording and/or on demand webinar?
A part of my screen is not visible. How can I solve this?
How do I enlarge my image or PowerPoint in a webinar?
Can I automatically add the webinar to my calendar?
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