Customised in-house training

Learning programmes with enduring results

NCOI Learning develops the talents of your employees and your teams, with in-company training, coaching and learning advice.  
We help your organisation learn faster than your competitors. For this reason, we place less emphasis on ‘training’ as such, and more on ‘learning’. Our goal: maximum impact of every learning and development initiative you take.
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It is important that your employees are always up to date with the latest developments in their field. Our trainers provide refreshing, creative insights and tools that offer an answer to the continuous challenges and changes that your teams are facing.

Together, we build the skills of the future

What makes us different are our various learning interventions: learning & inspiration labs, energizers, base camps, bite-sized sessions, webinars. They ensure sustainable change in mindset and behaviour.

An approach that is different and REALLY makes a difference

We strongly believe in experience-based learning. Our focus is on ENTERTAINMENT: experience, practice, knowledge sharing and direct feedback.

A training programme is a 'blend' of different working methods - both online and offline - with knowledge sharing, business games, project cases, feedback moments, video material, etc.