Evaluation of your training

Participants' evaluation

The participant's opinion is a very important indicator for the quality of a training course.
Immediately after the training, participants are invited to give their online opinions on the content, your skills as a trainer, the outcome of the training and the location.

For multiday courses, it is recommended to ask for oral feedback from the participants after each session. This way, you and we are able to, if necessary, make mid-term adjustments or maintain strong points during the further course of the training.

We maintain a minimum quality standard of 7.5/10 for all our courses.

After 2 weeks, you will receive the results of the online evaluations, possibly accompanied by an explanation. You can always contact your project manager or learning consultant with your questions or comments.

We will discuss any remarks or lower scores with you immediately, so that you can adjust your lessons or make changes in time.

Your opinion

We highly value a good cooperation with our teachers. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would share your comments or improvement suggestions after a course. This will allow us to improve our training programmes or our cooperation.