Virtual classroom

What’s a virtual classroom?
What is required to attend a virtual classroom?
What steps do I need to take to enter the room?
Which browser should I use?
Which internet connection should I use?
What is the URL for logging into a virtual classroom?
I can't log in or I have a technical problem. Who should I contact?
I'm working in a secure environment. Is this a problem?
My audio and/or microphone doesn't work. How can I solve this?
I would like to see the presentation in full screen. How can I do that?
I would like to upload my picture in Vitero. How can I do that?
Is a camera mandatory and which one should I use?
How can I be sure that everything is working properly?
Some virtual classes could be eligible for permanent education or subsidies. Is this true?
I didn't receive my certificate. What should I do?
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