Collaborating as partners

As a teacher, you can focus all your attention on your teaching assignment. We ensure the flawless organisation of your training. Discover here how we consider cooperation with our teachers, how you will be supported didactically and how the practical organisation of your training will look like.


No exclusivity, but loyalty

We wish to build a partnership with you as a teacher with clear added value for both. We consider this partnership as an honest and loyal relationship which constitutes the foundation for a constructive and professional cooperation on the long term. We seek no exclusiveness from our trainers and lecturers, but we do ask loyalty and respect for the commercial efforts we make and the customer portfolio we offer you.

Being a teacher, you will act as our ambassador. We therefore ask our freelance trainers not to hand out their own business cards and not to use or share materials specifically created for us elsewhere. We also expect proper branding in the course material in addition to your own logo.

We are fully committed to providing all the necessary resources and clout to make your training a success.

Commercial impact

We provide the full commercialisation of your programme, making use of our extensive network and commercial know-how. Our open calendar courses are offered through various marketing channels, such as the website, e-zines, e-mailing, direct mailing, blog, advertising and social media.

Most training topics are also offered as an incompany training, customised for a team within an organisation. In this context, the learning consultants have a key role to play. They are the point of contact for you and for our clients regarding incompany training.

We have invested considerably in new types of learning over the past few years. In addition to classroom courses, we also offer our customers low-threshold digital learning methods. This way, customers can continue to improve their professional skills remotely. Without jeopardising the result and quality. The learning methods we offer: 
  • Live and on-demand webinars
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Online learning paths through platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams
  • E-learning
  • Online language coaching

Share your expertise

We like to put our trainers' expertise in the spotlight. Do you have research data or written an article that relates to your training? Do you have an idea for an interesting infographic? Do you have video material available? Then contact your project manager. We will discuss whether it can be published on the Learning Blog or in our social media channels.

We would be pleased if you mention in your LinkedIn profile you teach at NCOI Learning, 'Fiscaal Informatief' or M&D Seminars.

Don't forget to mention us in your social media posts so we can help spreading your knowledge.
You can find us here:


Remuneration and invoicing


The remuneration is agreed in consultation with the responsible product manager. The remuneration includes both the teaching or training itself and the preparation of the course material (presentation, documentation, etc.). These agreements are confirmed in writing by e-mail.

The same financial arrangements apply to incompany training as to open training courses. Only by exception and depending on a project's commercial opportunities, a separate remuneration agreement can be made for each training course by consulting the responsible learning consultant.


After completing a course, you will charge your remuneration by submitting a performance sheet or an invoice stating a PO number. You will receive this PO number by e-mail the day AFTER a performed session.
Have you not received a PO? Please contact us ( before sending your invoice.

To ensure prompt payment, it is important to follow this procedure:
  • Mail your invoice/performance sheet in pdf format to
  • Make only one pdf per invoice/performance sheet, including any attachments. Do not combine several invoices in one pdf.
  • An invoice without a PO number cannot be processed.
  • Each invoice/performance sheet refers to a PO number. Therefore, one invoice/performance sheet cannot contain the services of several POs.
  • Send us your invoice/performance sheet within 30 days.
  • Invoices for training courses in Belgium must include the following information:
    • NCOI NV
    • Motstraat 30
    • Ragheno Business Park
    • 2800 Mechelen
    • VAT BE 0456.675.010
    • mentioning following details:
      • PO number
      • Name and date of the course
      • Your invoice number
      • VAT number and company name/address
      • Our VAT number: VAT BE 0456.675.010 


Liability and insurance

NCOI Learning is not responsible for damage caused by you as a teacher to yourself, to third parties or to NCOI Learning. As a freelance teacher by order of NCOI Learning, you are responsible for all necessary insurances and you may be liable for any damage caused. If NCOI Learning is found liable for damage caused by you as a teacher, NCOI Learning shall reclaim all costs from you.

Cancellations and postponements

We implement a clear and transparent policy regarding the cancellation or rescheduling of courses and any related teacher compensation.

Cancellations on our part

Two weeks before the start date of a training course, we determine whether the training course will be held based on the amount of registrations. If a course is cancelled, the following arrangements apply:

Training         Deadline cancellation       Compensation
Open training    2 weeks before starting date   No compensation
Open training   Less than 2 weeks before the starting date   100 % compensation for the cancelled day(s)
Incompany training   Between 5 and 2 weeks before starting date   25% compensation for the cancelled assignment
Incompany training   Less than 2 weeks before the start date   50% compensation for the cancelled assignment

If an open training course consists of several days, the 100 % compensation shall only apply to the day(s) within a period of less than 2 weeks after cancellation of the training course.

If an incompany training course consists of several days, the 100% compensation shall only apply to the day(s) within a period of two weeks after cancellation by the customer. For the days within a period of 2 to 5 weeks after the cancellation by the customer, the compensation amounts to 50%.

Postponements on our part

Training       Postponement time       Compensation
Incompany training   Less than 2 weeks before the starting date   100 EUR compensation for the cancelled day(s)

Cancellations on teachers' part

After scheduling the training dates and the related written confirmation, we consider your participation as a teacher in a particular training course to be definite.

If, due to (unforeseen) circumstances, you cannot attend or teach, we urge you to contact us ( as soon as possible.

We will do our utmost to find a replacement in order to ensure that the planned training can be held. Should you be able to provide a replacement, this would be highly appreciated. If no replacement can be found, the training will be cancelled.


In the context of the new European privacy regulations (the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 or the 'GDPR'), NCOI Learning has developed a GDPR-compliant policy.

In doing so, we want to inform all our teachers and trainers about the aspects of NCOI Learning's business that are affected by this and also expect compliance, in order for all training courses to be GDPR compliant.

If NCOI Learning communicates certain information (name, first name, position, current company - hereinafter 'the Information') about training participants to its trainers, this is done solely in the context of the planned training course for which these participants have registered.

  • The teacher is only permitted to consult and use this Information in the context of the planned training.
  • The Information will not be distributed or passed on to third parties.
  • After completing the training or at the simple request of NCOI Learning, this Information will be deleted and the instructor is not permitted to retain or make further use of them. Of course, this does not apply to personal information provided directly to the trainer by the participants themselves.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with your usual point of contact.

General terms and conditions

For all general and financial agreements, please refer to the general terms and conditions of our collaboration.